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The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (Svenska havsforskningsföreningen, SHF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote cooperation between Swedish institutions and individuals who take a professional interest in the marine environment. As part of promoting the goals of our society, we are responsible for organizing the Marine Science Conference. This annual event is open to both researchers and private interest groups and serves as a great platform to present work and have discussions on current marine issues.

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Swedish Marine Science Conference 2017

Participants at the Marine Science days at Tjärnö 2017. Photo: Albin Dahlin

We are happy to announce that the Marine Science Conference (Havsforskningsdagarna) 2017 will be held at the Lovén Centre Tjärnö, Nov 29 - Dec 1.
This year, the conference will put your field of research in a wider perspective with invited speakers from natural as well as social sciences. The conference will end with a panel discussion about current trends and future challenges in marine science.
Schedule and all abstracts are found here.

Keynote speakers

Marie Stenseke, Human Geography, University of Gothenburg, Co-chair of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR, physical oceanographer, Director of the Kiel “Future Ocean” cluster
Sverker Jagers, Department of political sciences, University of Gothenburg and director of Centre for collective action research (CeCAR)

This year, the conference is organized together with the Centre for Sea and Society at the University of Gothenburg.

The conference is devoted to promoting contacts among emerging and established marine scientists from social as well as natural science backgrounds. The conference will include both oral presentations and poster sessions.

The winner of the Dyrssen award, 15,000 SEK for best marine master thesis and 5,000 SEK for best marine bachelor thesis will also be presented at the conference. For information about nominations to the Dyrssen award click here!

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If you are interested in or working in the field of marine sciences, you are welcome as a member of the Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (SHF). By becoming a memeber you support our yearly award for best bachelor and masters thesis, the Dyrssen award.

The fee for membership is currently 50 SEK and is payed via Swedish 'plusgiro' no. 42 79 14-7. Please give your full name when paying and help us keep an updated memberlist by registering in the form below.
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Foto: Kristina Viklund

Latest news

Nominate candidates for the 2018 Dyrssen Award

Read more about the nomination procesure for the Dyrssen Award for best master and bachelor theses within Marine Sciences here.

Dyrssen Award winners

The winners of the Dyrssen award for best master and bachelor theses have been announced. You find more information about the winners here.

Annual meeting

During the Marine Science Days 2017 at Tjärnö the Swedish Marine Science Association will also hold its annual meeting. The annual meeting will take place on Thursday November 30 at 17.45. The agenda is so far only written in Swedish here. Please contact us if you want the agenda in english

Preliminary schedule

See who is presenting at the conference here.
Note that this is a preliminary schedule and that some adjustements might be needed. However, the departure time from Gothenburg Central as well as from Tjärnö will not change so you can plan your travels.

Conference registration

Registration for the conference will be open until November 10. The last day for submitting an abstract is October 1. The conference fee is 2500 SEK until October 1st and 3000 SEK after that date. All Ph.D., master and bachelor students have a discount of 500 SEK.
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2016 Dyrssen award winners

Competition for the 2016 Dyrssen award for the best master thesis was strong; 16 theses were nominated and several were of very high quality. The nominations were assessed for significance, scientific quality, and presentation. The winners are presented under the heading Dyrssenpriset.