Swedish Society for Marine Sciences


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If you are interested in or working in the field of marine sciences, you are welcome as a member of the Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (SHF). By becoming a memeber you support our yearly award for best bachelor and masters thesis, the Dyrssen award.
The fee for membership is currently 50 SEK and is payed via Swedish 'plusgiro' no. 42 79 14-7. Please give your full name when paying. To keep a complete register of our members, please register your contact information through this form, link

As a member of SHF you have the possibility to influence the work done by the society.
The member registry is also used for distributing information about the
Swedish Marine Science conference (Havsforskningsdagarna).

Any questions about the membership can be e-mailed to medlem(at)shf.se.

Photo: Katarina Konradsson