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The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (Svenska havsforskningsföreningen; SHF), is a nonprofit organization that, since our start in 1967, promotes cooperation and collaborations between Swedish institutions and people working on issues related to the marine environment, including biological, physical, geological, chemical or technical marine research or marine environmental monitoring. As part of this work, we organize an annual conference whose main purpose is to promote the spread of Swedish research at national and international levels. Through the conference we offer one forum with strong continuity, but also in a format that promotes cooperation between researchers and private organizations.

Annual meeting 2018

The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences holds its annual meeting on 7 November 2018 at 3:45 pm at Chalmers (Campus Johanneberg), Gothenburg. We hope to continue our promotion for marine sciences for many years to come and urge everyone to show their support for the association by continuing their memership or become new members. Membership fee is 50 kr per year, for more information, click here!.

Annual meeting agenda 2018 (in swedish)

Received motions 2018 (in swedish)

Annual report 2018 (in swedish)

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Foto: Katarina Konradsson